Having one wedding is enough of a milestone in life and many of us celebrate with elaborate planning  great expense to make every detail perfect; surrounded by the family and friends we love the most in celebration!

But it’s the day after the wedding and every day after that which defines a marriage and a couple sometimes putting them to the test about the words they spoke that day.

To love & to cherish

In Sickness & in Health

Til Death do us Part…

And for those people that bravely take on those vows and their marriage stands the test of time through all the seasons that life undoubtedly brings;  those are the ones that defy the odds and really find out what real true love actually is.

And for that reason, we celebrate this amazing couple who are celebrating 20 Years Together!

It was my extreme honor to capture such a beautiful and heartfelt day that has been culminating for over 2 Decades in the making!

Congratulations to you both and may God continue to bless your Marriage, Family, and Lives for years to come!

Enjoy ~ xoxo



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