If a picture is worth a thousand words than I feel that it should be a true reflection of you at that very moment in time. An Engagement, a Senior Portrait, a Special Event you have tirelessly worked to bring to fruition, the Homecoming of a deployed spouse, Head Shots for a new business venture or  Family Portraits of your children weather young or old; these are the moments that I capture. I want to convey your best; who you are on the days when everything seems full of hope and possibilities. Who you truly are if you were living out your life as an individual or couple or family with only the beautiful moments in sharp focus and the trying and difficult times just seem to become a blur.

This is not about conveying something fake, it is about capturing and conveying something real and beautiful that is always their if you really look.

Custom Portraiture like anything of extreme value and worth is an investment of time, energy, and money. My hope is that you will see the value in making time to commemorate the milestones of your life and never having to look back with regret on not making that investment.

Don’t wait until you loose those extra 10 lbs, your kids are perfectly behaved, and your life is drama free; make the most of each moment and don’t let your life pass you by without taking time to embrace the now of your life, love, and family!

<3 xoxo


Andrea Gallagher Photography Specializes in Custom Portraiture and Lifestyle Photography utilizing Natural Light at Outdoor Locations in and around the San Diego area with a focus on~

Families | High School Senior Portraits | Children | Event Photography | Head Shots

I collaborate with my clients from the start; from discussing wardrobe selections to choosing the perfect location they are envisioning for their session. Please feel free to contact me for session details and booking availability!


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