I had the pleasure of meeting and working with another member of the Stott family who also happens to be the ‘baby’ of the family 😉

I worked with her older brother Jake last year and we had a blast playing around downtown {see his session here} and his mom Deanne and I stayed connected and she is just a lovely person as was Jake!

So this year when Deanne told me that her youngest was graduating from Coronado High School I was very excited to have the chance to meet this awesome surfer chick I had heard so much about!

Jordyn is a very sweet, talented, and special girl and I love her laid back style and vibe! We shot in and around the Sunset Cliffs area and ended up at he base of the long set of stairs that leads to where Jordyn surfs ofter and as luck would have it the waves were incredible and we ended up getting soaked! haha

Oh well! Totally worth these amazing shots and very fitting for this soon to be University of Hawaii  bound High School Senior who is graduating TO-DAY! Yay Jordyn!

Congratulations love, I wish you all the best on your future and your new journey!




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