Each of our entrepreneurial journeys is unique, but as women in business, the heart of our stories is often the same.

 ~My Journey~ 

In 2010, after devoting a decade to raising my children as a full time stay at home mother, I began to pursue my lifelong passion for photography.  The process of transforming my creative hobby into a viable, thriving business; what is now Andrea Gallagher Photography  was an often lonely and tumultuous road littered with many mistakes, valuable lessons learned, as well as successes and moments of enlightenment along the journey. I quickly realized that maintaining balance in my life, as a mother and wife, and as a successful business woman was vital to my success and happiness.

For so many years as a new business owner felt ‘if only someone would just help me along this path, i could avoid these silly mistakes and pitfalls I was encountering from lack of knowledge.’ Someone who had gone before me and who was willing to share their knowledge…

The Art of being Beautifully Balanced

As Andrea Gallagher Photography became established, more and more businesswomen reached out to me for advice and support and I quickly discovered striking commonalities. No matter what their field, they all had very similar struggles, desires, issues, and questions. These women were like me desiring to beautifully, albeit, at times imperfectly; master the demands of a meaningful business and a thriving busy personal life and this united us in the journey.

 During my journey as I organically connected to other women who were passionate about their field of expertise, driven, and desperately seeking to create a balance between their work & life. Over time I became that person who had gone before and was willing to share with them all I knew to help them succeed. That person I so disparately wanted to come alongside me.

Helping remarkable women pursue their God-given talents and creative passions became a significant part of my life. Helping to guide, instruct, and empower them along their way as a small business owner, I discovered a newfound passion: seeing women succeed.

The Better Business Babe 

 In 2013 I set out with a vision to create an environment where women seasoned and brand new to small business ownership would share ideas, insight, and engage in helping each other. My hope is this, that by sharing my journey and being transparent about what I have learned; that in some small way that will help other women to fulfill their dreams and create the Beautifully Balanced life they desire.

The heart of our mission is to see women succeed—in business and in life! The Better Business Babe is a multi-faceted online community of women who aspire to see the growth of all women in pursuit of their dreams. We are dedicated to helping, supporting, and encouraging women both personally and professionally as they endeavor to find strength, balance, transform themselves, and enrich every facet of their lives.

We engage our community through Business, Lifestyle, & Balance-engaged posts written by women who are experts in their field. We value honesty with each other about our experiences and see it as a powerful tool. This courage to share, support, and encourage through our own stories and “tell all one’s heart” is the foundation of the Better Business Babe. We are so happy that you are here and we are excited for your to get involved; wherever you are in your journey!

Through the Better Business Babe our hope is to create an online platform to help, support, and minister to women not only in business but in life so ~ 

 Build what your heart is telling you to build, follow your dreams, pursue your passion. The Better Business Babe is here for you!

Andrea Gallagher xoxo <3 



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